The President shall be responsible for the work and activities of the headquarters office and its employees, the receiving and proper disposition of communications directed to the Pastors Peace Alliance, keeping an up-to-date file on every member, processing all applications for license, ordination or membership, making arrangements for all ordination services and keeping a complete record of the same, issuing ordination certificates and identification cards, publishing a regular bulletin to keep members informed about the work and activities of the PPA, and other information of interest to the members.

He shall supervise and be responsible for all financial affairs of the PPA, including and not limited to the receiving of and providing receipts for dues payments and contributions, keeping the cash assets in a proper depository, paying all financial obligations, and maintaining a record of all financial activities according to generally accepted accounting principles. He shall also have the accounting records available for inspection by any member of the Board of Executive body members or other authorized persons.

He shall have discretionary authority to appoint officers and /or Executive body members to represent the PPA at regional conferences, as he deems appropriate.

He shall be responsible for overseeing the development of relationships with key individuals, organizations, Bible colleges and seminaries that would further the growth and mission of the PPA. This may be accomplished through correspondence, personal contact and the representation of the PPA at significant Evangelical conferences and events.

The President shall not engage in any activities enterprise or outside interests without the Board’s approval.

The President shall be responsible to see that an annual audit of the financial records for the organization is conducted and the results be reported in a timely manner to the Board of Executive body members and to the members present at the annual activities meeting.

He shall give an annual report to the Board of Executive body members of his work, the Regional Conferences, crusades, conventions, youth event, religious celebrations that have been held, the progress of the PPA in the past year, the receipts and disbursements of the previous year, and the financial condition at the time of the national and International Conferences. He shall also provide such information to the Chairman of the Board and Board of Executive body members upon request.

He shall be in charge of all other matters, which are generally considered a part of the responsibility of the President.

President PPA
Pastor Moon Paul