The Most Reverend Bishop Edwin J. Mall was ordained and installed as the 15th Bishop of the Diocese of Columbus, Ohio USA, on 10th March 2010. He has served as a Senior Pastor for 14 years at various non-denominational Churches of the United States of America. He holds doctorate in comparative religion from Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia U.S.A. Bishop Mall has accepted the role of President/ Chief Executive Officer of Pastors Peace Alliance with all the powers and responsibilities inherent in the office of the President/ CEO, whatsoever. Ipso facto, the treasure of the organization shall also work directly under his command and control. With all Solemnity the whole organization has verified and confirmed the eligibility and veracity of Bishop Mall's credentials and moral background inherent in his authority as President/CEO. It is declared by all the members of office holders that Bishop Edwin J. Mall shall remain life-long President/ CEO and he shall never be removed or changed or challenged whatsoever, by any authority, whatsoever. The Organization confirms the compatibility of the doctrines and statement of faith with Bishop Mall. It is further confirmed that Aksa Somariam appointment is also life long and members of the PPA shall never challenge his apportionment as Finance Secretary.


The president/CEO shall be responsible for running all the NGO's and Projects registered and functioning under the PPA, the Projects may include secular and religious activities, whatsoever. The president/CEO shall supervise and control the work and activities of the headquarters office and its employees; the receiving and proper disposition of communications directed to the Pastors Peace Alliance; Keeping an up-to-date status on every members, processing all applications for licenses, membership ordination services and confirmation in ordination of the pastors and keeping all the record of the same/ issuing ordinance certificates and identification cards; publishing regular bulletin to keep members informed about the ordination work and activities of the PPA and other information of interest of the members. Bishop Mall Shall supervise and be responsible for all financial affairs of the PPA, including and not limited to the receiving of and providing receipts for dues payments and contributions. He has full authority as CEO to obtain donations, funds and financial help for the PPA and its Projects from every corner of the World. The Finance Secretary shall also work under his direct control; the Finance Secretary shall maintain the record of all the financial activities under the command and direction of Bishop Mall. The Finance Secretary Aksa Somariam and Bishop Mall has full authority regarding the confidentiality of the financial matters; no member whosoever shall ever interfere in the financial matters and NGO Projects and its financial conditions/donations whatsoever. Bishop Mall shall has discretionary authority to appoint officers/or executive body members/chairmen or chairpersons of Projects, NGO'S, Departments, Boards, Finance specialist and project specialist of the NGO's designating them any rank whatsoever. Representing the PPA at regional conferences and international conferences Bishop Mall shall take actions whatsoever he deems appropriate. He shall be responsible for overseeing the development of relationships with key individuals, organizations, the PPA members, Bible Colleges and seminaries that would further the growth and mission of the PPA. This may be accomplished through correspondence, personal contacts and foreign tours thus representing the PPA at significant Evangelical conferences and events under the command of Bishop Mall. He shall be responsible with the help of Finance Secretary to oversee the financial annual audit of the financial records of the organization. Bishop Mall shall be in charge of all other matters that are generally considered according to law of the state, inherent in the powers and responsibilities as the CEO and the President, no body whosoever is authorized to remove/change or replacement or distortion whatsoever his name and authority and responsibilities mentioned in this above mentioned declaration. The same terms and conditions shall apply to the appointment of Finance Secretary Aksa Somariam.

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Bishop Edwin Jiwan Mall