PPA national and Internationally is an alliance of ministers serving throughout the world. PPA included pastors, teachers, church leaders, church executives, missionaries, evangelists, speakers, youth ministers, professors, military chaplains, , industrialist ,prison chaplains, Advocates, Engineers, Doctors, Businessmen, Social workers, human rights and uplifting and uprooting human and poverty programmers . Please take time to browse our site and contact our staff listed to the right if you have any questions.

The PPA has been serving God’s services since 6 March 2018. Our founders began this work to offer an alternative to the Theological tolerance that had seep into the church. The founders wanted to provide credentials to those who would not compromise the Word of God. This new work was not anti-denominational, but was pro-Word of God and committed to high standards of ministry.

Our goal is to maintain the integrity of the ministry and humanity, providing credentials to those of like mind that are called of God and have a proven ministries related to uplifting the humans by physically and spiritually.